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Had one here in my town (Lafayette, Louisiana). It was open for about a year and then closed. I never went but my wife did and she wasn't too impressed with the girls...food was OK according to her.


--- In hot_female_pics@yahoogroups.com, Randy J <RandyJ37@...> wrote:
> Hey...
> I must have been living in a closet somewhere.. i just heard about this
> chain called, The Titled Kilt. Apparently similar in Nature to Hooters,
> but certainly nicer and sexier outfits... i wenrt searching their website
> and the web itself and came up with the attacehed pictures.. nice Irish Pub
> huh?
> HAS ANONE ever been to one of these places and can give me mini review of
> their experience..? Food quality, Prices? etc
> Randy

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